About Me

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

- Confucius

Andrew is a video engineer who specialises in signal infrastructure and neat ways of handling pixels. Having specialised in Broadcast Audio Systems during his Sound Technology BA (Hons) studies, he now focuses on ways to design signal infrastucture systems for live events and installations with a focus on video, data and audio - combining his nerdy love of audio, video and networking.

At present he is a Video Technical Manager with Adlib and is responsible for event system designs, technical workflow, equipment infrastructure and maintenance, equipment package designs and rack system designs.

He hasn't forgoten his roots as a video engineer in the field though, and can often be seen operating and installing systems on site including vision racks, LEDs, projectors and media servers. (Typically he is found sat behind more buttons, screens or LEDs than you can shake a memory stick at).

What I Integrate


Bloops and bleeps.

Audio embed/de-embed
RF and Comms
IP networking
Timecode and MIDI


Pixels and Connectors.

Video systems
Matrices & Switching
LED and projection mapping
Vision mixing
Live video video formats & conversion


1s, 0s and Optics.

IP Networking
Fibre infrastructure
Convergence of Audio & Video Signals
System Monitoring and Management

Past Projects

  • 2ube Xtra 2016

    Broadcast System Design

  • 2ube Xtra 2016

    Sound Supervisor


    decibels heard

    Miles Travelled

    Gigabytes of video

    Hours of events

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Based in Liverpool.

Available for work throughout the UK (and the universe).

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Mobile: +44 775 771 0477

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